Bedroom aids are mostly used by the elderly because they usually struggle to get in and out of bed comfortably. However, bedroom aids are also perfect for patients in hospitals, individuals with disabilities, and anyone who struggles to get into bed.

  • Make bedrooms comfortable and relaxing
  • Ensure the safety of your loved ones and patients
  • Make routine bedroom activities easy with great bed mobility aids

Types of Bedroom Aids

There are many types of bed assist devices that increase the comfort of the elderly and disabled. There are devices used to help get out of bed, sleeping aids, those used in electric profiling beds, dressing aids, and more.

Electric beds and pressure care mattresses

As people age, they need adjustable beds to help them get in and out of bed. With an electrical bed, you can adjust the height to allow for the elderly or disabled to safely get on to their bed. 

Electric profiling beds are adjustable and have a mattress platform. This mattress platform has various sections. These sections help you position the areas of the bed in various angles and heights. 

A pressure relief mattress increases comfort and reduces pressure, allowing for a better night of sleep.


The elderly and disabled may struggle to dress. Dressing aids make this process easier, without needing to bend down or do other strenuous activities. 

Examples of dressing aids include tools to easily slip on or off socks, help take on or off undergarments and even tools to help put on jackets.


People with disability can experience difficulty getting into bed and getting out. Various bedroom aids can assist them in this. Examples of these bedroom aids are bed rails, which can help prevent them from falling from bed while sleeping and also supports them as they get in and out. 

Other examples include rope ladders and bed hoists, to help get in and out of bed.

Nursing home caregiver helping woman out of bed using walking stick

Elders experience sleeping issues as they age and might need protective bedding. Some of the best protective aids are specialist pillows. These pillows support the neck and reduces bodily paints. 

Other sleeping aids can include blanket cradles that protect the user from their heavy blankets. Sometimes the weight of blankets can be too heavy for an older adult. They need blanket cradles to lift help that weight off from them, so they can comfortably go in and out of bed.

over bed tables

Some patients or elders might be unable to get out of their beds themselves but can sit upright. Hospital tables are a type of over the bed table that helps users eat on their beds and do other activities like reading. They come in various styles and weight capacities, depending on your needs. 

Most of them are adjustable. Choose an option that can easily clean, tilt, and carry. They also protect those with sensitive skin while giving them the warmth they need.

Bed Rope Ladders

Some people suffer from arthritis and general body weakness, among other conditions. Bed rope ladders help those with such issues get in and out of bed without the need of additional assistance.

Bed rope ladders also help your loved ones or patients develop strength in their upper body and core.

Other examples include rope ladders and bed hoists, to help get in and out of bed.

Leg lifters

Lifting legs into and out of bed shouldn’t be a struggle. Leg lifters are bedroom aids that allow users to pull on their legs using a comfortable webbed material using their arms. This allows for an easy way to get legs on or off bed.

Mats and bumpers

Sometimes the elderly or disabled can fall out of bed while rolling around. This can lead to injury and difficulty getting back into bed. But by having bumpers attached to the side of their bed, they can avoid this altogether.

If they land on the floor, having an emergency protective mat on the floor offer a safe landing.

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