Wipeable Heel Elevation Cushion with Round Base


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Soft ankle strap is easily adjusted with Velcro. Removable, washable cover. Hand wash and air dry recommended. Regular monitoring is recommended during patient use. REDUCES PRESSURE: This is ideal for patients who are suffering from heel, foot, or ankle injuries because it allows elevation and reduction of pressure to promote faster healing. Continuous use can lead to exceptional improvements. WATERPROOF AND EASY WIPE: The round base foam has an outer fabric that is waterproof and easy-wipe, preventing any worries of accidental contact with liquids. Outer fabric can be removed and hand-washed. COMFORTABLE AND LIGHTWEIGHT: With a soft, wide faux sheepskin strap and a stable foam cushion, this can prevent rashes, pressure ulcers and sores while in use for longer periods. Also being lightweight, it provides an excellent comfort to the user may it be at home-use or basically anywhere. ROUND BASE DESIGN: This cushion is designed with a round base to cater for a wide variety of position changes while in use. It keeps your heel in place and in proper position. PREMIUM MATERIAL: This heel elevation cushion is made with a high density foam that does not collapse or deform for long periods of use, providing firm and stable support.

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