Wheelchair Arm Rest Bag


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UNIVERSAL SIZE. This arm rest bag fits into most wheelchair armrest of any kind. Also, it includes a shoulder strap for a variety of uses. The use is not only limited to wheelchairs but can be attached to any flat tube or bar. DURABLE. The arm rest bag is made with a strong nylon material, capable enough of to carry personal stuff everywhere. Designed to be durable, this is suited for long term use. AMPLE STORAGE SIZE. With the dimensions of 24 cm in length, 25 cm in width and 8 cm in depth, the arm rest bag offers ample storage size for your daily personal stuff to carry. Perfect to bring with anywhere. SEVERAL POCKETS. This bag contains several pockets, including the sleek PVC net finish on its external. This allows quick and easy access to all of your stuff. EASY TO CLEAN. The material is washable with cold water. DO NOT BLEACH. Allow to drip dry.

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