Thumb Brace


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The reason this support is so effective is because it has two stays to help lend support. The stays provide complementary pressure to cradle the thumb while not squeezing it to tightly. This also allows for freedom of movement, which is essential to help the healing process and give the user more mobility and independence in life. There are three straps to adjust the level of pressure and support in different areas. Not all thumb pain is the same. In fact, sometimes my pain is localized more towards the palm of my hand, while other times it is deep in the joints. By adjusting the straps to different degrees of tightness, I can target individual areas. The straps can also be adjusted to fit a wide variety of hand shapes and sizes. For most individuals this support is a one size fits all. Additionally, the breathable material helps keep the skin free from sweat and moisture buildup. This support can be worn for long periods of time without worrying about skin irritation. Reversible for either left or right hand use Fits wrists from 5.5-10.5 inches in circumfrence Breathable material 3 fasteners and 2 stays for complete support

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