Slimline Air Mattress


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Premium is well known for its quality manufactured products. The Air Mattress #3 is a state of the art; well crafted product. Excellent for pressure area care patients, frail and elderly individuals. Used primarily in the clinical field. The Air Mattress #3 is convenient and easy to use. Allowing excellent patient comfort and minimizing pressure area care issues. Easy inflation and deflation with the added benefit of an in-built pump. Can be used effortlessly by clinicians and/or individuals who need to ensure patient or client comfort in a clinical setting. Available now; the Air Mattress #3 by Premium will not disappoint any enterprise or sole consumer, with genuine superiority over other brands. year warranty and 120kg weight capacity. Special features include: extra cushioned support, easy clean fabric, waterproofed, inbuilt pump, tear-free fabric and quality manufacturing. Suitable for ongoing and repetitive indoor use. The Premium well loved brand means; quality manufacturing and superior excellence in craftsmanship. Download: Air Mattress #3 by Premium

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