Skin Protectors For Arms – Tan – Medium


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Elderly people can have extremely fragile skin, often only as strong as tissue paper. These arm protectors unlike many offer coverage and protection the the most vulnerable area, the back of the hand. As an option, some patients may prefer to have their hands completely free by simply removing their thumb from the hole. Arm protectors are used to prevent skin tears and abrasions during day to day activities. The fabric feels very soft fitting, comfortable, snug and protective. Skin arm protectors are 100% latex free. Wearing skin protective sleeves can reduce or eliminate traumas from friction, bumps and abrasions. Additionally to providing a layer of protection, they also provide warmth without compression. These skin protectors have the added benefits of anti – microbial properties (Chitosan Rayon) protecting against odour causing bacteria often accompanying wounds and skin problems, fighting the growth of bacteria, moulds fungi. Sold In Pairs (2pc) Reduce incidence of Bruising, Abrasions & Skin tears Fabric: a unique combination of Rayon, Nylon, Cotton & Spandex Machine wash 38C & dry on low setting

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