Rebotec Safe-In-Soft – Forearm Crutches with Cuff & Hinge – Red


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HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE: Height adjustable forearm crutches with partially enclosed cuff and flexible hinge system. Size of the forearm crutches from handgrip to the floor (adjustable from 74 cm – 97 cm). Ten adjustments in height + 3 height adjustments from handle to cuff (adjustable from 22 cm – 25 cm). HIGH-QUALITY DESIGN: Rebotec provides safe, comfortable, solid and steady support forearm crutches for all-day use. Very well constructed and high-quality design. ENCOURAGE GOOD POSTURE & LONG TERM USE: If you are worried about your posture, these crutches are plentiful and easier to use. These are great for long term users, who can build up the muscle mass and strength they need—a bodyweight capacity of 130 kg. PROVIDES COMFORT: Designed with a soft handle. Feature a cuff under the elbow, which helps reduce strain and keeps some pressure off the wrist while in motion, making these crutches comfortable and easy to use. Forearm cuff with a hinge to improve mobility. OTHER KEY FEATURES: We are featuring a safe night light reflector facing back. Design and manufactured in Germany. Available in various colours (Black, Blue, Red, Aqua, and Light Grey).

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