Power Grip & Hook Reacher by Etac


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The Power Grip and Hook Reacher by Etac is designed and catered to individuals who have limited mobility. Whether the condition is temporary or not, this tool is equipped to reach, grab, pick up, move and put down items for you. The Power Grip and Hook Reacher by Etac looks like a stick with jaws on it; and comes in different lengths to cater for everyone. The special features include: a magnetic handle for metal object pick-up, 2kg weight capacity, range of lengths, 5 year warranty, ergonomic design, lightweight feel, wide opening jaws and coated rubber grips. With a 5 year manufacturer warranty and a 2kg weight capacity; the Power Grip and Hook Reacher by Etac is a superior and genuine addition to any clinical setting or personal home. Allow patients or loved ones a greater independence of movement with the popular Etac brand. A leader in the field of healthcare aides and tools. Quality ergonomically designed with genuine manufacturing superiority. Now available to clinicians, physiotherapists, chiropractors and individuals. Etac always means quality.

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