Oral Swabs, Pack of 250


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Oral swab sponge applicators are very effective in maintaining dental routines for ulcerated oral tissue (i.e. after chemotherapy mouth sores, Parkinson etc…) The swabs are great for cleaning mucus from the mouth and tongue as well as cleaning up the teeth. Oral swabs are ready to use, requiring no water or mouth rinse to follow up brushing. They come individually wrapped, but in a package of 250. For your average user, who simply uses these oral swabs to supplement their regular brushing routine, one package of 250 would easily suffice for a year. For a carer or medical facility, it is likely that an order of one package of 250 would not be sufficient. The oral swabs have a soft secure, foam head that has small ridges to help lift debris, mucous and get into patient’s oral cavities. Package contains 250 individually wrapped oral swabs Untreated And Unflavored Suitable for patients or customers with sensitive oral complications Dentifrice, helps polish teeth Can be used personally as supplemental brushing Can be used professionally to provide oral hygiene for incapacitated or disabled patients

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