Halogen Ophthalmoscope


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The Xenon Halogen Ophthalmoscope is a “direct” ophthalmoscope, commonly used to examine the eye during routine examinations. This ophthalmoscope allows the user to see inside the back of the eye, including the retina, optic disk and macula. The instrument is pocket sized, and has a series of lenses and apertures. XHL Xenon Halogen Technology created the correct light for the instrument, and lasts up to 50% longer than other bulbs. Anti-Scratch glass viewing window prevents scratches from accidental drops or abrasions while in your pocket. Durable and easy to clean between uses.  While the instrument does not come into contact with your patient, your gloved hands, which hold the device may.  This instrument is easily disinfected. Pocket clip with an integrated ON/Off Switch adds to the sleekness of this device Range of lenses -20 D to +20D & 5 Different Apertures 2 x AA Batteries provide long use.

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