Economy Bedside Crash Mat


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Safety maps are ergonomic solutions for possible injury during rest. Gain ease of mind and no-stress rest as you are protected from involuntary rolling. Lightweight sectioned mat makes for easy transportation and use. Special gripping material avoids injury to patient or caretaker and is especially helpful for slippery hard surfaces, like marble or granite floors. Weight resistant cushioning assures total absorption upon impact, preventing trauma to weaker patients. Avoiding injury from falls are crucial, especially in hospitals and nursing homes. Bedside safety floor crash mats are used to reduce and prevent injury when a patient or resident rolls off or slips of their bed on to the floor. On average 19% of all patient accidents in high care medical facilities are related to falls. It is a duty of care to reduce this risk. Lightweight, durable material for lasting lifetime Two year warranty accompanied by ergonomic design for storage Lightweight and easy to carry, accessible for multiple bed sizes Designed for easy storage, resists mildew Soft, high-impact and high-energy absorbing foam Flame retardant, easy to clean

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