Dolphin Toilet Transfer Board


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The sturdy fibreglass board aids users with diminished mobility to transfer safely and independently from a wheel chair to the toilet. It can also be used for getting from a wheelchair onto a commode, into a chair, into and out of a car, or from the bed to a wheelchair or shower chair. The cut out design allows the board to be securely positioned against the wheel of the wheelchair to prevent it moving about, and the non-slip pads underneath the board ensure a good grip and prevent it slipping out of place. The very smooth top surface allows the user to slide easily from the wheelchair onto the toilet and the unique design permits the board to be left in place while the toilet is being used. Easy to clean with disinfectant or soapy water. The board is very stable to boost user confidence and security. Length 69 cm. Suitable for users up to 150kg. 5 year warranty. Download: Transfer Boards

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