DJMed 5L Oxygen Concentrator


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Clinical Oxygen Concentrator is unmatched for its size and weight amongst other oxygen concentrators. Clinical Oxygen Concentrator can be brought with you throughout the Clinical or office at your convenience. It operates on an external power supply, but with its convenient handle and lightweight makes up for that small limitation with ease. DJMed Oxygen Concentrator is built on a legacy of reliable and proven concentrator models, and has been updated with improved quality, durability, performance and simplicity. Oxygen purity indicator standard for increased security Digital oxygen purity indicator is built in. OPI (Oxygen Percentage Indicator) measures oxygen output as a purity indication. Low maintenance for reduced service costs Low to no maintenance requited for first 2 years of general operation for in home use. Simply replace filer cartridge on the back of unit and go. Humidifier Bottle Platform for comfort The platform is designed to be compatible with all bottle styles and features for easy universal use. Compact and modern design looks less like a medical machine Ergonomic and stylish design takes up less space and doesn’t draw as much attention. Modern, digital flow meter oxygen concentrator machine Simple to use and easy to check at a glance, modern digital flow matter on a stylish LCD screen. Easy to reference, check and set without manual twisting and tweaking. At home and on the go, our personalised sleep and COPD therapies make it easy for everyone to engage with their care and integrate it into everyday life, enhancing their experience and results. As intuitive to experience as sleeping or breathing itself, our technologies and solutions help every patient to embrace their condition in order to help them in their goals to regain control, feel human again, and live the life that they want. All patients needing home oxygen in Australia must have a prescription issued to them for treatment.

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