Diagnostic Stethoscope, Dual Head


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Non-chill rim and diaphragm provide patients welcome and comfort. Consistent high acoustic sensitivity from precision-machined stainless-steel chest-piece. Resilient, single lumen tubing provides longer product life. Variable pressure, tunable frequency technology Compact design is ideal for physical assessment and monitoring of your patients. TUNABLE DIAPHRAGM: By slightly adjusting pressure on chest piece, ability to hear high- or low- frequencies is possible during monitoring. WIDE VARIABILITY. This classic dual head stethoscope allows for monitoring and assessment of a wide variety of patients. Perfect for use of many healthcare practitioners. LATEX FREE. The soft-sealing ear piece and tubing material is latex free. Along with safety, it provides a nice acoustic seal for excellent hearing and a comfortable fit. EASY TO CLEAN. Tubing material is produced with resistance to skin oils and alcohol to enable longer tube life. Easy to clean with 70% alcohol and less likely to pick up stains.

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