Compression Stockings – Class I – Extra Large


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Medical compression stockings class 1 are ideal for: Pronounced varicosis, a tendency to oedema, post-operative swelling, ulcer recovery, post vein operations and scleroteraphy, varicosis in pregnancy and prevention of DVT. Class 1 medical compression stockings are a high quality, attractive leg pressure care garments that improves blood circulation and personal comfort. NOTE: It is best to put your compression stocking on when you wake up. The stockings will be easier to fit as soon as you get out of bed and before your legs become swollen and tired during your days activities. For minor leg swelling or discomfort, try class 1 15 – 21mm Hg compression stockings. Open toe design Knee high compression stockings Graduated compression Silicone enhanced strips to prevent slipping Great for travel, standing or sitting for long periods of time

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