Bonsai Velocity Oxygen Regulator


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Pulse Dose Oxygen Conserving Device is the leader is oxygen conserving devices and ambulatory oxygen therapy. The Pulse Dose delivers a dose of oxygen when you need it. Pulse Dose Oxygen Conserving Device delivers a single, consistent dose of oxygen right when you need it. It is the combined result of research and technology into oxygen conservation devices. This device simplifies the delivery of oxygen to a non-ambulatory patient. Pulse Dose Oxygen Conserving Device will facilitate patient therapy and simplify treatment through pulse dispensation. This was created with the non-mobile patient in mind. The Bonsai Oxygen Conserving device is designed to decrease oxygen delivery time, while in turn increasing the amount of oxygen concentration received by the user. In doing so, this gives individuals the ability to better maintain their saturation levels, all while maintaining up to a 6:1 conservation ratio. If an individual breathes faster during use, the Bonsai oxygen concerver’s uniform oxygen pulse ensures the same amount of O2 is delivered. It is controlled via one easy-to-use single selector knob, and is compact enough to be used on the go, making it an excellent addition to any oxygen therapy arsenal. Download: Operating Instructions

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