Bendable Cutlery Set – Red


The bendable cutlery set with larger soft cushion handle assists those who struggle to manage a standard peice of cutlery.

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A Dining Aid Set consisting of a bendable desert spoon, bendable teaspoon, bendable fork and a rocker knife. The bendable spoons, fork and rocker knife all have a fixed loop at the end of the wide, soft cushion handle, here you can apply a utensil strap which can secure the utensil to the user’s hand. The red colour is ideal for those with vision impairment or alzheimers.

  • Red for those with visual impairment or Alzheimers
  • Ideal for people with limited grip
  • Dishwasher safe up to 70deg
  • Can be used with utensil strap


Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 24 × 12 × 4 cm

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