Ankle Brace, Stabilising – Medium


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Ankle stabilising braces are often attributed to be used purely for athletes and by trainers and physical therapists, but they can also be invaluable for elderly patients with weak joints or those who have suffered muscle damage. These straps restrict inversion and eversion ankle motion without restricting forward motion of the foot, toe to shin, thus helping to support natural walking and climbing motions. The ankle stabilizing brace is perfect for the treatment and even the prevention of ankle sprains. The ankle stabilizing brace has an ambidextrous design that is capable of fitting either right or left feet. It is constructed using ballistic nylon, which possesses tremendous strength and has an incredibly high durability and longevity. The ankle stabilising brace features an elastic cuff which helps to secure the braces laces as well as providing additional support. The ankle stabilising brace only comes in black, to help prevent discolouration over extended use. Ambidextrous design, can fit either right or left foot Fitted sizing, each size fits specific ranges of foot size Adjustable within fitted size range Premium materials, including ballistic nylon Ankle brace application instructions included

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