Adult Nasal Cannula With Tubing – 1 Pack


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Soft nasal cannula minimizes that risk due to its soft, malleable, and elastic nature. Worn over the ears, this soft nasal cannula delivers oxygen to its patients with care and comfort without extra padding necessary and without having to worry about ear ulceration. Soft nasal nasal cannula is free of DEHP and latex PVCs, providing safer and better usage. DEHP and latex PVC is rougher on skin and more likely to cause allergic reactions in patients with sensitivity to certain rubber and plastic compounds. The plastic is soft and elastic, making cannula rubbing less painful and damaging to skin tissue. Worn over the ears, this nasal cannula comes requires no additional padding. Hypoallergenic, DEHP-free PVC and Latex-free PVC Soft Nasal Cannula Minimizes tissue damage Lowers risk of ear ulceration Safe and comfortable Tubing length 2m

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