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Medical & Care Equipment available for Parkes includes devices that assist in the caring or improvement of living conditions for individuals who need extra help due to old age, disability, or injury.

Medical & Care Equipment Brisbane Includes

Types of care equipment:

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People who are older, have a disability or are injured, may require assistance to get around.

This can mean using a walker to take a load off your legs to make it easier to get around, having a wheelchair to push around a patient, or even a powered wheelchair so the user can get around without a carer.

These devices increase the confidence of the person using it and helps boost their self-esteem, despite their conditions, due to the independence and freedom it provides.

Wheelchairs also come with accessories such as wheelchair cushions, wheelchair pressure cushions, other products that can improve quality of life.


People who are older, have a disability or are injured, may require assistance to get around.

✓ Mobility Walkers Parkes

✓ Scooters Parkes

✓ Seat Walkers Parkes

✓ Lightweight Wheelchairs Parkes

✓ Folding Wheelchairs Parkes

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Do you have a loved one, aged-care centre resident, or hospital patient in Parkes who needs help getting around safely?

If you or someone you love needs help moving from place to place safely, a walking frame might be the answer you need.

Walking frames are a piece of equipment which helps disabled or elderly people maintain their balance while walking. Also, by shifting some of your weight onto a walker, the stress on the lower limbs are relieved.

Modern walking frames are conveniently height-adjustable, thus enabling the user to set the exact height which is most convenient, comfortable, and safe for them. A bend in the arms is necessary to ensure proper blood circulation in the arms while using the device, so proper customization is crucial. In older models, this may not be the case. This could lead to discomfort when using it and could promote, or worsen, the development of a hunched back.

Types of Walking Frames Parkes

People who are older, have a disability or are injured, may require assistance to get around.

✓ Lightweight Walking Frames Parkes

✓ 3 Wheeled Walking Frames Parkes

✓ Walking Frames on Wheels Parkes

✓ Sliding, No Wheel Walking Frames Parkes

✓ Collapsible Walking Frames Parkes

✓ Adjustable Walking Frames Parkes

✓ Walking Frames With Seat Parkes

Are you looking for a safer and easier way to use the bathroom? 

If your loved ones, patients, or residents in Parkes are struggling to use the bathroom — over toilet chairs are the solution to more comfortable, safe, and easy usage toilet trips.

People with disabilities, injuries, or who are simply older in age are not able to use the restroom like everyone else. Over toilet chairs are pieces of equipment that are frequently used in nursing homes, rehabilitation centres, aged-care centres, and even in some family households with special needs to make bathroom usage more convenient.

Types of Over Toilet Chairs Parkes

✓ All-in-One Over Toilet Chairs Parkes

✓ 3 Drop Arm Over Toilet Chairs Parkes

✓ Simple Over Toilet Chairs Parkes

✓ Padded Over Toilet Chairs Parkes

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Do you want to equip your home with all the necessary tools to allow for the elderly, disabled, or injured to live a comfortable life in Parkes?

We offer a variety of choices when it comes to home care equipment in Parkes. We will ensure that everyone from nursing homes, aged care centres, and family households are properly equipped with the right kind of tools to help their loved ones.

Caring for patients, loved ones, or residents is not an easy task — especially if they have physical difficulties. Therefore, having specially designed in-home care equipment is essential in making everyday routines and activities convenient.

Types of Home Care Equipment Parkes

✓ Walking Aids Parkes

✓ Incontinence Equipment Parkes

✓ Walking Aids Parkes

✓ Bathroom & Toilet Equipment Parkes

✓ Bedroom Aids Parkes

Investing in the right kind of special care equipment is essential for helping your loved ones live a happy life.  

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✓ Make your home safe and comfortable

✓ Grab rails, toilet aids, portable ramps, and more

✓ For homes with disabled, injured, and elderly people

Do you have someone with physical disabilities or of old age in your home? 

Helping them stay safe and independent is the best thing you could do for both their safety and quality of living. You can’t always be there to help them move around, that’s why home modifications are an excellent investment for your home in Parkes.

Home modifications are any changes made to a building to meet the needs of the disabled or elderly. These changes aim to help people with physical difficulties to be able to move around the home safely and independently. This keeps them safe and allows you to rest easy.

Examples of Home Modifications Parkes

✓ Elevated toilet seats Parkes

✓ Anti-slip safety mats Parkes

✓ Install grab rails Parkes

✓ Use a portable ramp Parkes

✓ Doorbells and smoke detectors with lights Parkes

For many of the disabled and elderly, going to the bathroom throughout the day is an inevitable struggle.

Whether it’s simply using the toilet, washing one’s hands or taking a bath or shower. Each of these everyday tasks that we all take for granted can provide multiple obstacles for the elderly or disabled.

Fortunately, there are many extremely beneficial, easy-to-use bathroom & toilet aids that we offer for you to choose from in Parkes. This can range from shower chairs, over toilet chairs, commodes, and more. 

Types of Bathroom & Toilet Aids Parkes

✓ Disposable Toilet Mats Parkes

✓ Bidet Parkes

✓ Raised Toilet Seats or Disabled Toilet Seats Parkes

✓ Grab rails Parkes

✓ Bottom Wipers Parkes

✓ Commodes Parkes

Do you have elderly, disabled, or injured people who struggle to get into and out of bed?

Bedroom aids are devices that are designed to make the bedroom a safer and more comfortable place for these people in Parkes. They help these people relax and sleep comfortably by providing ease of mobility.

Types of Bedroom Aids Parkes

✓ Electric beds and pressure care mattresses Parkes

✓ Dressing Aids Parkes

✓ Bedroom supports Parkes

✓ Sleeping aids Parkes

✓ Hospital tables (over bed tables) Parkes

✓ Bed Rope Ladders Parkes

✓ Leg lifters Parkes

✓ Mats and bumpers Parkes

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Want to save time on everyday tasks like using the bathroom, taking a shower, and moving around the home?

✓ Wide range of daily living aids designed for the elderly & disabled

✓ Make everyday living easier for both caretakers and patients

✓ Based in Australia

On top of making things easier, daily living aids also make these tasks safer.

Types of Daily Living Aids Parkes

✓ Toilet & Bathroom Aids Parkes

✓ Mobility Aids Parkes

✓ Incontinence Equipment Parkes

✓ Bedroom Aids Parkes

Ready to give your patients or loved ones more independence and convenience in everyday life? Get in touch with us today to find the best daily living aids for them in Parkes.

Do you want to make it easier for the elderly, injured, or disabled to get around?

Whether you’re taking care of a loved one at home, have patients in a hospital, or take care of an aged-care centre — have a portable ramp can make it easier for the people you’re caring for to get around safely in Parkes.

Types of Portable Ramps Parkes

Whether you’re caring for a recently injured person, someone who is older in age, or an individual with a disability, there are various types of portable ramps you can use. Here are some that are available:

✓ Multi-fold ramps Parkes

✓ Track ramps Parkes

✓ Single-fold ramps or suitcase ramps Parkes

✓ Temporary ramps Parkes

✓ Rollup ramps Parkes

Want to make your home, hospital, or aged-care centre in Parkes a comfortable and safe environment for the elderly?

Want to show the elderly you care? Provide them with the support and the love that they deserve. Let them enjoy their remaining time in comfort and safety.

Types of Aged Care Equipment Parkes

✓ Bathroom Aids Parkes

✓ Bedroom Aids Parkes

✓ Daily Living Aids Parkes

✓ Mobility Aids Parkes

Do you want to make life easier for both you and the elderly?
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At Ozi Care Equipment we provide you with specially designed equipment that allows you to help these people live a more comfortable and safe life. Whether it’s through mobility equipment, daily living aids, or home modifications — you’ll be able to enhance their quality of life.

✓ Home modifications, bathroom aids, bedroom aids, and more

✓ Improve the quality of life for individuals with a disability

✓ Located in Australia

Types of Disability Care Equipment Parkes

✓ Daily Living Aids Parkes

✓ Mobility Aids Parkes

✓ Cushions & Pressure Support Parkes

✓ Home Modifications Parkes

Do you have loved ones at home, patients in a hospital, or elderly in an aged-care centre that requires professional hospital care equipment?

This could mean a hospital bed for comfort, mobility equipment such as wheelchairs, or even sanitary equipment for daily usage.

Types of Hospital Care Equipment Parkes

✓ Mobility Equipment Parkes

✓ Trolleys and Carts Parkes

✓ Comfort Aids Parkes

✓ Bathroom Aids Parkes

✓ Hospital Beds Parkes

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