Hospital Care Equipment

  • Equipment made to provide comfort, support, and a better quality of life
  • Hospital beds, mobility equipment, bathroom aids, and more
  • Based in Australia

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About Hospital Care Equipment

Do you have loved ones at home, patients in a hospital, or elderly in an aged-care centre that requires professional hospital care equipment?

This could mean a hospital bed for comfort, mobility equipment such as wheelchairs, or even sanitary equipment for daily usage.

Whether or not you plan to use this in a hospital setting, at Ozi Care Equipment we can provide you with the necessary tools to help you take better care of individuals in need. This includes the elderly, disabled, and injured.

Having the right equipment will ensure the people you’re taking care of are both safe and confident. This means fewer chances of injury and expensive medical (or even legal) bills.

These people you are caring for have placed their trust in you. It is your responsibility to do whatever is in your power to help them.

Give them the care and safety that they deserve.

At Ozi Care Equipment we offer industry-leading brands that you’ll see in professional medical environments such as physiotherapy clinics, hospitals, aged-care centres, and more.

Hospital Bed

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Types of Hospital Care Equipment

Choosing the right special care equipment is essential, as each piece of equipment is designed with a specific user in mind.

To help you choose the right hospital care equipment for your needs, here are some of the main types:

Mobility Equipment

This includes ramps, wheelchairs, and walkers. This is essential for any patient, resident, or family member who has limited mobility. Moving around the home, visiting the shops, and even going to the bathroom can be extremely challenging without this equipment. By providing them with this, you’re able to give them independence again.

Tri Walker - Silver

Trolleys and Carts

When it comes to transport, trolley and carts are crucial. This allows for the right supplies to be delivered quickly and cuts down on the back-and-forth. This increase in efficiency results in saved time for workers that they can spend elsewhere and more monetary resources for you to leverage.

Comfort Aids

You can find everything from seating systems and cushions here. These provide your patients in an increased level of comfort which can result in fewer complaints and a greater quality of life.


Bathroom Aids

This includes elevated toilet seats, commodes, incontinence equipment, and more. Whether you’re caring for an older-aged individual who struggles to hold it in, have an injured patient who can’t use the toilet themselves, or care for a disabled individual who needs additional support at all times -- we have bathroom aids for you.

Hospital Beds

For individuals who struggle to get in and out of bed, hospital beds are the perfect option. The ability to adjust the angle allows for greater comfort and the side rails allow for better support (and also prevents rolling off). Combine this with a specialised care cushion and your patients will be in complete comfort.

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Benefits of Hospital Care Equipment

Hospital care equipment can not only improve the well-being of patients and increase comfort but it will also provide better sanitary conditions and health for caretakers.

Prevent accidental injury that could be avoided

✓ Ensure comfort and overall well-being for patients

✓ Improve caretakers’ ability to effectively help patients

✓ Improve sanitary conditions

✓ Help your patients to recover faster

✓ Allow for unassisted usage of bathrooms and bedrooms

✓ Save money by getting the right kind of equipment

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Who Else Can Use These Equipment?

Just because you don’t own a hospital, doesn’t mean you can’t allow your loved ones to enjoy the comfort that hospital equipment can provide.

Anyone who requires specialised care can benefit from hospital equipment. It doesn’t matter if it’s for home, an aged-care centre, or any other environment. At Ozi Care Equipment, we can take care of all your hospital care equipment needs.

Hospital care equipment is perfect for:

✓ People taking care of the disabled, injured, or elderly

✓ Anyone struggling with limited mobility

✓ Temporarily injured people

✓ Anyone with special needs

✓ Older adults who require additional support

✓ People with therapeutic recovery needs

It’s not abnormal to have hospital equipment in your own home. It’s common to find this equipment in nursing homes, aged-care centres, recovery and wellness centres, and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you install hospital care equipment inside a home?

Most hospital care equipment can be installed in your home. This includes hospital beds, bedroom aids, bathroom aids, mobility equipment, and more. However, there are some pieces of equipment which are reserved for professional medical environments or are simply not suitable for residential usage. 


What is ‘durable medical equipment’?

Durable medical equipment, sometimes referred to as DME, are pieces of specialised equipment that is suitable for use in a non-professional environment (such as at home). This means they can handle daily usage, being knocked about, and can last for several years.

Your Specialised Care Equipment Needs

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