Disability Care Equipment

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About Disability Care Equipment

Do you need extra help taking care of a family member, patient, or resident with a disability?

Disabilities can make it difficult to perform daily activities such as using the bathroom, getting in and out of bed, or even just moving around the building.

At Ozi Care Equipment we provide you with specially designed equipment that allows you to help these people live a more comfortable and safe life. Whether it’s through mobility equipment, daily living aids, or home modifications — you’ll be able to enhance their quality of life.

We offer only the highest quality disability care equipment from leading brands. This means you can be confident in your purchase knowing that it’ll be effective and durable, allowing for the people you care for to enjoy better health and general well-being for years to come.

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Who Can Use Disability Care Equipment?

Whether you have a family member that’s mobile limited or simply in need of special care, disabled care equipment can provide with them with added support and mobility. This enables them to gain greater independence and make daily tasks easier for both them and you.

  • People with mobility difficulties
  • Injured and people who are temporarily mobile limited
  • Those in need of physical therapy or treatment
  • People who need aid in their everyday routines
  • Old aged individuals unable to move themselves
  • Anyone who needs added support
Man with woman in wheelchair

Since disability care equipment is specially made to provide comfort and support, it can be used by anyone who requires this. Even if the person you’re taking care of doesn’t have a disability, whether it’s an injury or symptom of old age — disability care equipment can help provide a better quality of life.

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Types of Disability Care Equipment

At Ozi Care Equipment we offer a wide variety of disability care equipment ranging from daily aids, mobility equipment, to even home modifications. 


Here are some of the products we offer:

grab rail in bathroom

Benefits of Disability Care Equipment

Does someone you care for struggle with everyday activities? Provide them with the right special care equipment to make life enjoyable again.

Disability personal care equipment is designed to cater for specific special needs. This could mean specialised mobility equipment, toilet aids, and more.

By choosing the proper disability care equipment, you can experience benefits such as:

✓ Increased safety and comfort for disabled people

✓ Better ability for caretakers to help the disabled

✓ Make everyday tasks easier for individuals with disabilities

✓ Save the time of caretakers with effective equipment

✓ Improving overall health and well-being

✓ Prevent accidents and allow yourself to rest easy

Why Choose Us?

When you choose Ozi Care Equipment, you’re given confidence in your decision.

By only stocking the highest quality brands, providing you with 100% transparency and assistance, you just can’t make a mistake.

Our mission is to make the daily lives of those with special care needs easier. Life is a precious thing and it’s both your job and our job to make it as enjoyable as possible. Whether this is for your family, patients, or residents — they all deserve a high quality of life.

To make things easier for you, we work with the most reliable couriers available.

This means you can rest assured knowing you’ll get your daily living aids ASAP and have it delivered safely to your door.

Want to work with an Australian company based in Brisbane? You’ll be able to visit our location or give us a call without worry. Our customer service is unmatched and we’ll do whatever is in our ability to help you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this equipment durable? Can it support anyone?

At Ozi Care Equipment, we only stock industry-leading brands. This means the disabled care equipment you purchase will be extremely durable and specifically designed to take care of the disabled. However, as with all equipment, they are designed with a specific user in mind. Get in touch with a member of our team and we’ll help you choose the right special needs equipment that’s suitable for the people you’re taking care of.

Is it hard to use disability care equipment?

No. Disability care equipment is for the purpose of making life easier for both caretakers and individuals with disabilities. This means the equipment is easy to install and use. In most cases, instructions will not be necessary as it will be very intuitive to use. However, instructions will be provided for more complicated pieces of equipment. Alternatively, you can feel free to contact the team at Ozi Care Equipment if you require any assistance and we’ll be happy to provide further instruction.

Which type of disabled care equipment should I get?

The first step to purchasing the right special care equipment is to find out the needs of the person you’re taking care of. While assumptions can be accurate most of the time, it can be beneficial to ask them what they need help with. By knowing what they struggle with on a day-to-day basis, you’ll know what direction to head towards. Our experts can then help you select the right piece of equipment that suits your budget and requirements.

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