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About Wheelchairs and Walkers

People who are older, have a disability or are injured, may require assistance to get around.

This can mean using a walker to take a load off your legs to make it easier to get around, having a wheelchair to push around a patient, or even a powered wheelchair so the user can get around without a carer.

Man with woman in wheelchair
Nurse helping woman with walker

These devices increase the confidence of the person using it and helps boost their self-esteem, despite their conditions, due to the independence and freedom it provides. 

Wheelchairs also come with accessories such as wheelchair cushions, wheelchair pressure cushions, other products that can improve quality of life.


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Who Are Wheelchairs & Walkers For?

Walking frames are most commonly used by the elderly in order to give them the freedom to move about their homes or living spaces more easily and safely than they could before. This is due to the increased stability and traction provided by the device. As a carer, this gives you the confidence that your patient will be able to get around safely, even when you’re not there.

But walking frames are not reserved for the elderly. They are for anyone who has difficulties moving.

Smiling medical professional with patient on wheelchair
Elderly woman using walker indoors

Some examples of conditions that may require the use of mobility aids such as a wheelchair or walker:

✓ Cerebral palsy
✓ Obesity
✓ Arthritis
✓ Osteoporosis
✓ Sprains and strains

✓ Development disabilities
✓ Injuries to the legs or spine
✓ Stroke causing walking impairments
✓ Difficulty maintaining balance
✓ Old age and weakness in legs

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Wheelchairs Vs Walkers


Wheelchairs are used as an alternative method to move, without using the legs. By using your arms to rotate the wheels, you are able to move forward with zero leg usage. There are also motorised options that don’t require any physical exertion as well.


Walkers are used to assist with regular walking. By taking the weight off the legs, you reduce the pressure on the lower limbs. Some options include wheels on the bottom, making it easier on the arms as well. However, some require the user to lift the walker forward as they move.

Types of Walkers & Wheelchairs

Mobility Walkers

These are a type of wheelie walker that allows you to roll the walker across the floor as you let it support some of your weight.


​A mobility scooter comes in both motorised and manual variants.

Seat Walkers

These are similar to regular mobility walkers, except you can take a seat on them to rest.

Lightweight Wheelchairs

Lightweight wheelchairs are perfect for temporary usage. This could be for moving patients between rooms.

Folding Wheelchairs

Want a portable wheelchair for times you’re on the go? Foldable wheelchairs are easy to fit into cars, buses, and vans.

Benefits of Wheelchairs & Walkers

Walker Benefits

Using a walker as a mobility aid increases safety when moving around. Whether it’s to move around a building, stroll around the block, or outside to run errands -- a walker increases balance and stability. Decrease the chances of a dangerous fall and subsequent injury.

Since using a walker reduces the weight on your limbs, it enables you to cover longer distances without getting tired. This results in reduced pain, decreased fatigue, and a better ability to travel long distances. If you’re tired, you can take a rest in-between on your walker by gently leaning into it for extra support.

You may use a walker as a precaution and for extra support during long walks or when you’re expected to stand for a long time.

Using a walker enables you to walk around and move your body without overextending yourself and overworking your muscles. It provides the support to gently exercise your body, especially the arms and legs for increased strength and energy -- while decreasing the risk of injury.

Wheelchair Benefits

A wheelchair will significantly increase your mobility in two ways. One, if you're disabled, the wheelchair enables you to independently determine where to go and allows you to be in charge of your movements. Secondly, if you rely on a walker, a wheelchair enables you to cover greater distances and for an increased period when compared to using a walker.

A wheelchair increases your independence, as you don’t need a carer to move you. On a wheelchair, you will not suffer the feeling of being out of balance. This means the user can move around without worry.

Compared to a walker, a wheelchair is much more comfortable. There are also accessories such as wheelchair pressure cushions that enhance your comfort on a wheelchair.

 A wheelchair will give you the freedom to enjoy outdoor activities with friends and family. These are built out of sturdy materials and can be used without worry.

A wheelchair will increase your life satisfaction and happiness by allowing you to do things you previously might not be able to. This could mean going around the block, visiting the stores, and so much more -- all on your own.

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