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About Walking Frames

Do you have a loved one, aged-care centre resident, or hospital patient who needs help getting around safely?

If you or someone you love needs help moving from place to place safely, a walking frame Brisbane might be the answer you need.

What are walking frames?

Walking frames in Brisbane are a piece of equipment which helps disabled or elderly people maintain their balance while walking. Also, by shifting some of your weight onto a walker, the stress on the lower limbs are relieved. 

Walking frame for elderly
Modern walking frames

Modern walking frames are conveniently height-adjustable, thus enabling the user to set the exact height which is most convenient, comfortable, and safe for them. A bend in the arms is necessary to ensure proper blood circulation in the arms while using the device, so proper customization is crucial. In older models, this may not be the case. This could lead to discomfort when using it and could promote, or worsen, the development of a hunched back.

However, walking frames are not only for elderly or disabled people. There are also pediatric walking frames for young children and bariatric walking frames for obese people.

walking frame

Walking frames are perfect for:

✓ Elderly people who wish to become a bit more mobile again 

✓ Disabled people who are unable to utilize crutches or wheelchairs at their location

✓ Physical therapy patients looking to slowly regain the use of their leg muscles in a safe, controlled manner

Who Are Walking Frames For?

Walking frames are most commonly used by the elderly in order to give them the freedom to move about their homes or living spaces more easily and safely than they could before. This is due to the increased stability and traction provided by the device. As a carer, this gives you the confidence that your patient will be able to get around safely, even when you’re not there.

But walking frames are not reserved for the elderly. They are for anyone who has difficulties moving.

Types of Walking Frames

While there are new styles constantly being designed and produced, there are several main types of walking frames to be aware of.

  • Lightweight Walking Frames
  • 3 Wheeled Walking Frames
  • Walking Frames on Wheels
  • Sliding, No Wheel Walking Frames
  • Collapsible Walking Frames
  • Adjustable Walking Frames
  • Walking Frames With Seat

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Benefits of Walking Frames

Walking frames in Brisbane have many crucial benefits regardless of whether it’s the elderly or disabled who is using them.

The primary benefit of walking frames is the safety and balance it provides. With the help of lightweight walking frames, 3 wheeled walking frames or even a walking frame with seat, there’s a way to provide balance and stability to anyone.

Elderly woman crossing street with walker
Doctor and elderly man with walking frame talking outdoors

In addition, walking frames for the elderly (as well as walking frames for the disabled) help to provide a sense of self that may have been lacking otherwise. They’ll no longer be required to ask others to help them walk from room to room in their own homes. 3 wheeled walking frames and walking frames with seats help to give the patient independence and safety.

✓ Improve balance to decrease the potential risk of injury

✓ Provide a way for the elderly to safely move around the home by themselves

✓ Offer the user a more comfortable, mobile lifestyle 

✓ Give the patient and their family the confidence and peace of mind in knowing they’re safe

walker with tray

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Purchasing a walking frame for your loved one or a set of walking frames for your facility, is an investment.

At Ozi Care Equipment, we help you make the right decision. This means selecting the right walker to fit your budget and needs. Instead of pushing you to purchase the ‘best’ (and often most expensive) option, we get to understand your requirements and choose the best balance of features and value.

Doing all the research on special care equipment can be intimidating. We provide you with the expertise you need to make an educated decision. Without spending days reading articles, risking your money through trial-and-error, and other costly mistakes. 

Plus, we’re a local Australian business. You can visit us in Brisbane or give us a call and we’ll be glad to help.

Instead of going through the hassle of communicating with overseas companies, why not work with someone right here? You’ll save money on conversion rates, save time with easier communication, and enjoy the highest quality walking frames on the market.

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