Portable Ramps

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What Are Portable Ramps?

Do you want to make it easier for the elderly, injured, or disabled to get around?

Whether you’re taking care of a loved one at home, have patients in a hospital, or take care of an aged-care centre — have a portable ramp can make it easier for the people you’re caring for to get around safely.


You can avoid potentially fatal accidents by using something as simple as a portable ramp in your home or building. These have increased traction, an easy to climb slope, and prevent accidents like slipping or falling.

Portable ramps are inclined planes that are used in place of stairs. They assist those in wheelchairs or cart users to access a building easily. There are aluminium ramps that can also be folded, and also specially made wheelchair ramps.

portable ramp

Being light in weight, they are very portable and are easy to carry anywhere. Even though they are meant to be used in buildings and homes, you can also use them to help load things with a van or truck.

Portable wheelchair ramps have a maximum and minimum width depending on the laws dictated by your location. This ensures the safety of those using them, regardless of their method of climbing it.

What makes portable ramps different from other options is their versatility. You can use them anywhere. They are light in weight and portable due to their design.


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Types of Portable Ramp

Whether you’re caring for a recently injured person, someone who is older in age, or an individual with a disability, there are various types of portable ramps you can use. Here are some that are available:

Who Are Portable Ramps For?

In most cases, portable ramps are best suited for seniors. Most elderly people will struggle with the stairs in your home or building. However, these are also suitable for people with disabilities or injuries. 

Since Portable Wheelchair Ramps in Brisbane can be moved where they are needed, you can use these in hospitals, homes, vehicles, aged-care centres, and anywhere necessary.

Portable Wheelchair Ramps in Brisbane are sturdy enough to support even motorized wheelchairs.

ramp with chair

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Benefits of Portable Ramps

✓ Save time moving people around

✓ Make it easy to help people up vehicles

✓ Allows for individuals to climb stairs themselves

✓ Increase the safety of your building

How Are The Ramps Used?

You can use portable ramps to move wheelchairs over areas that are elevated. The best thing about them is that you can carry and use them anywhere you want. How you use your portable ramp will depend on the ramp model purchased.

For example, a folding ramp has inbuilt handles that allows you to carry them around easily. 

Portable ramps don’t require any installation. Simply unfold or extend the ramp and set it down at the required location.

Some folding ramps also have side rails that should be placed. This increases the rigidity and safety of the device.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of ramp should I use?

If you are looking for a ramp to use with wheelchairs for the elderly in your home, consider using ramps with high traction. You might choose a single-fold wheelchair ramp in case you need an incline ramp.

On the other hand, you can select a tri-fold ramp that has a longer top area if you plan to use this for vehicles.


How steep should my ramp be?

For each 2.5cm of an incline, you should have a ramp that is 30cm. This means a 15cm incline should have a ramp of 182cm.


Is it possible to use my portable ramp with a power chair?

Yes. However, consider the weight the ramp is going to carry. Find a ramp that can hold a weight of up to 360kg.

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