Home Modifications

  • Make your home safe and comfortable
  • Grab rails, toilet aids, portable ramps, and more
  • For homes with disabled, injured, and elderly people

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What Are Home Modifications?

Do you have someone with physical disabilities or of old age in your home? 

Helping them stay safe and independent is the best thing you could do for both their safety and quality of living. You can’t always be there to help them move around, that’s why home modifications are an excellent investment.

bed side support frame

Home modifications are any changes made to a building to meet the needs of the disabled or elderly. These changes aim to help people with physical difficulties to be able to move around the home safely and independently. This keeps them safe and allows you to rest easy.

Examples of these modifications involve lowering bench heights, relocating switches, installing emergency alarms, rails, and ramps, and more.


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Types of Home Modifications

Elevated toilet seats

Elevated toilet seats

A person with a disability, injury, or old age might have difficulties using the bathroom. An elevated toilet seat or one with supportive rails will make it easier and safer to use. Instead of requiring a carer’s assistance whenever they want to use a bathroom, they are now able to independently go when they please.

Anti-slip safety mats

Anti-slip safety mats

Any fall, no matter how minor, can be devastating for an elderly, injured, or disabled person. By installing anti-slip mats, you increase the traction of the floor’s surface and decrease the risk of any injury. These are perfect for areas where slipping may usually occur, including bathrooms, bedrooms, and tiled areas.


Install grab rails

A grab rail provides additional support for the elderly, injured, or disabled. This allows the individual to lean on a rail that’s secured to a wall or other strong surface. By shifting some of your body weight onto this rail, you alleviate the weight on your legs and other limbs. This makes it safer to move across rooms, use bathrooms, get changed, get into bed, and so much more.

portable ramp

Use a portable ramp

The elderly and the disabled will always have a hard time climbing stairs. This is especially the case if they use a wheelchair or walker. By installing a portable ramp, you make it easier and safer for them to move through the building. These also have added traction pads on the bottom to decrease the chances of slipping.

Smoke detector

Doorbells and smoke detectors with lights

Do you have anyone whose hearing has started to fail? Install a doorbell that switches a light on whenever someone comes over. This will send an alert even if a resident can’t hear a doorbell.

A smoke detector can alert your loved ones, residents, or patients, of any carbon monoxide or smoke in the area. While those with difficulties hearing might not hear the warning of a traditional smoke detector, a specialised one with a bed shaker attachment and lights will be able to save these lives.

Who Are Home Modifications For?

Home modifications are designed to help anyone who has difficulties with any bodily functions. They assist them in doing normal activities without depending entirely on other people. Whether they are adults or children, home modifications can help them.

But walking frames are not reserved for the elderly. They are for anyone who has difficulties moving.

✓ Elderly people having difficulties moving

✓ People with disabilities who need support

✓ Anyone using a walker or wheelchair

✓ Hospitals who need help supporting patients

✓ Aged-care centres that want to keep their residents safe

✓ Adults who worry for the safety of their loved ones

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Benefits of Home Modifications

✓ Manage the symptoms of health issues

✓ Prevent anyone from slipping or falling

✓ Help the disabled move comfortably

✓ Aid the elderly with extra support and safety

✓ Save money on potential medical expenses

✓ Make your home accessible for disabled visitors

✓ Give patients, loved ones, and the elderly more confidence

✓ Rest easy knowing that they are safe

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