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About Home Care Equipment

Do you want to equip your home with all the necessary tools to allow for the elderly, disabled, or injured to live a comfortable life?

We offer a variety of choices when it comes to home care equipment. We will ensure that everyone from nursing homes, aged care centres, and family households are properly equipped with the right kind of tools to help their loved ones.

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Caring for patients, loved ones, or residents is not an easy task — especially if they have physical difficulties. Therefore, having specially designed in-home care equipment is essential in making everyday routines and activities convenient.

We understand that ensuring your family and patients have the best equipment is important for you. That’s why we only offer high-quality home care equipment from industry-leading brands. With these in your home, you can rest easy knowing you made the right choice.

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These are the very same hospital equipment used to help patients, assist in physiotherapy rooms, and even in elderly nursing homes.

Investing in the right kind of special care equipment is essential for helping your loved ones live a happy life.  

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Who is Home Care Equipment For?

There is a specialised piece of home care equipment to cater for every kind of special need.

From individuals with a disability, to the elderly, and even to the recently injured — these are all people who can benefit from using the right kind of home care equipment.

It is important to allow them to have a normal and convenient everyday routine without the need for professional help. Home care equipment gives them the ability to perform everyday actions with minimal (or even zero) extra assistance.

This includes equipment like shower commodes, commode chairs, portable ramps, and more.

Basically, home care equipment can help improve the quality of life for both caretakers and the person being taken care of. This is perfect for caretakers in aged-care centres, family members of the elderly or disabled, medical professionals in clinics, and so much more.

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Types of Home Care Equipment

Help the elderly or mobility impaired get around home with wheelchairs, walkers, portable ramps, and more. This allows them to safely travel without additional help and saves time for both of you. Give your loved ones the confidence to live again.

Keep your home in a sanitary condition, to ensure the health of both your loved ones and yourself. Incontinence equipment saves time with cleaning up and prevents embarrassing accidents from occurring.

If the person you’re caring for requires additional support for their body, pressure care cushions can help them relieve pain and allow for comfortable sitting. These can be added to beds, wheelchairs, and even toilets.

These help mobility-limited people to comfortably and safely use toilets and showers. These include adjustable height chairs to place over toilets, toilet commodes, and more. Perfect for individuals who require additional support when getting on and off toilet seats.

Aged care beds and hospital beds might have all the equipment necessary for safe sleeping. But this might not be convenient at home. In these cases, bedroom aids can be used instead. These aids include bed grab rails, rope bed ladders, hospital tables, and more. This makes it more comfortable and safe to get in and out of bed, even without having someone there to help.


Benefits of Home Care Equipment

✓ Improved quality of life for the elderly, injured, or disabled

✓ Save time with more efficient caretaking

✓ Improved overall health and comfort​

✓ Better sanitary conditions​

✓ Easier daily routines and activities​

✓ Ensure the safety of everyone involved​

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By providing you with the right home care equipment to make caretaking easier than ever before, you save money and time with everyday tasks. 

Plus, when you work with Ozi Care Equipment, you’re working with a local Australian business.

This means we’re here for you when you need it. You can visit our store or give us a call and we’ll help you.

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