Daily Living Aids

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What Are Daily Living Aids?

Want to save time on everyday tasks like using the bathroom, taking a shower, and moving around the home? 

On top of making things easier, daily living aids also make these tasks safer.

Daily living aids are products utilized by the elderly, disabled, or injured to make their day-to-day tasks easier. Whether you’re looking for for these aids for your loved ones, have a patient that needs extra support, or run an aged-care centre — it can improve the lives of both the ones in need and their caretakers.


The aging process, injuries such as car accidents, and a whole host of disabilities and medical conditions can make daily activities become increasingly challenging. Even simple tasks like using the restroom, putting on socks, or even cooking and eating one’s own meals can become extremely difficult.

However, daily living aids like portable ramps, bedroom aids, and toilet aids can make these tasks safe and easy.

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Who Are Daily Living Aids For?

While there certainly aren’t any restrictions on who can benefit from daily living aids in Brisbane, most pieces of equipment are tailored for a specific need.

Two groups of people benefit from these most:

Elderly Individuals

Do you take care of elderly family members, patients, or residents?

Caretakers are necessary for the elderly to perform many everyday tasks like using the bathroom, getting into bed, and washing up. However, there are specially designed daily living aids that help with these activities.

Regardless of whether one lives independently, in a hospital, residential home, or aged-care centre — these specialised care equipment can make life easier for both caretakers and the people they’re taking care of.

Individuals With Disability

In addition to the elderly, daily living aids are extremely useful for individuals with disability. Unlike the elderly, people with a disability are usually introduced to these at a younger age. This means having the right equipment is absolutely essential in maintaining (or improving) their standard of living.

With the right specialised care equipment, you allow individuals with disability greater independence and ability to live comfortably. For example, portable ramps can make it easier for them to move around the home, grab rails can make it possible for them to use the bathroom alone, and more.

Doctor with boy on crutches

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Types of Daily Living Aids

Toilet & Bathroom Aids

elevated mobility commode

Elevated toilet seats, commodes, and grab rails can make it easier to use the bathroom. Instead of relying on a caretaker for support, these pieces of equipment allow for the elderly or disabled to go when they please. This saves time for the caretakers and embarrassment for the people being taken care of.

Mobility Aids


Mobility equipment for the elderly or disabled makes it easier and safer the get around. Whether it’s a scooter, a powered wheelchair, or even a walker — these can make life exponentially easier for both caretakers and the elderly. Plus, portable ramps can make climbing stairs or boarding vehicles possible.

Incontinence Equipment


It can be unsanitary and embarrassing when incontinence is an issue. However, consumable aids like incontinence equipment include disposable wipes, pads, and mats that make it fast and clean to deal with incontinence. 

Bedroom Aids

It can be difficult to climb into or out of bed when your legs become harder to move. Sometimes, the bedsheets can even become too heavy to move out from yourself. In these cases, bedroom aids like hospital beds, overbed tables (hospital tables), and other types of bedroom aids can make everyday life easier. Instead of requiring a caretaker to get in and out of bed, especially in the middle of the night, the elderly can now go as they please.

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