Bedroom Aids

Do you have a disabled or older person having a hard time getting into and out of bed? Increase the comfort for your loved ones with bedroom aids. Contact us today.

What Are Bedroom Aids?

Do you have elderly, disabled, or injured people who struggle to get into and out of bed?

Bedroom aids are devices that are designed to make the bedroom a safer and more comfortable place for these people. They help these people relax and sleep comfortably by providing ease of mobility.

The elderly, injured, or disabled can now have a good night sleep without the stress of struggling to get into and out of bed.

care bed
Woman with wheelchair and man in bed

A night of good sleep is essential in helping them have a great mindset and tackle the day with a lot of positivity. Examples of bedroom aids include bed assist rails, backrests, guard rail pads, bedside beverage holders, and more.

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Types of Bedroom Aids

There are many types of bed assist devices that increase the comfort of the elderly and disabled. There are devices used to help get out of bed, sleeping aids, those used in electric profiling beds, dressing aids, and more.

Electric beds and pressure care mattresses
Nursing home caregiver helping woman out of bed using walking stick
over bed tables
Bed Rope Ladders
Leg lifters
Mats and bumpers

Who Are Bedroom Aids For?

Bedroom aids are mostly used by the elderly because they usually struggle to get in and out of bed comfortably. However, bedroom aids are also perfect for patients in hospitals, individuals with disabilities, and anyone who struggles to get into bed.

Nurse giving woman her medication
Bedroom aids

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Benefits of Bedroom Aids

Do you have elderly people in your home? Here’s how they can benefit from bedroom aids.

back support

✓ Aid in relaxation

✓ Improve mobility


✓ Increase comfort

✓ Assist caregivers

✓ Improve circulation

✓ Protect their health


How Are Bedroom Aids Used?

Whether you’re caring for someone who is injured, disabled, or old in age — an over toilet chair can be used to provide them with comfort while also making it easier for you to care for them.


They are able to improve the stability and comfort for not only a toilet use, but also for taking a shower, or for changing clothes.

So, if you have a family member with special needs, work in a hospital, or care for the elderly in an aged-care centre — these chairs will make life easier for both the caretaker and the person being cared for.

over toilet chair

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