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What Are Bathroom & Toilet Aids?

For many of the disabled and elderly, going to the bathroom throughout the day is an inevitable struggle.

What was once something most do practically on autopilot, is now a frustrating, demoralising, and tiring task. In many cases, they can’t even do it by themselves and require a caretaker to assist them.

Whether it’s simply using the toilet, washing one’s hands or taking a bath or shower. Each of these everyday tasks that we all take for granted can provide multiple obstacles for the elderly or disabled.


Fortunately, there are many extremely beneficial, easy-to-use bathroom & toilet aids that we offer for you to choose from. This can range from shower chairs, over toilet chairs, commodes, and more. 

Not only do proper bathroom & toilet aids make anything one has to do in the bathroom more pleasant, but there’s also the added benefit of reducing the risk of injury and generally allowing the patient to feel safe and sound.

Anti-slip safety mats

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Who Are Bathroom & Toilet Aids For?

Bathroom & toilet aids are the most beneficial for the elderly, disabled, and injured. Whether it’s a toilet frame for elderly loved ones or patients, disabled toilet seats or just an over toilet aid or raised toilet seat, we’ve got you covered.


✔ The elderly or disabled living alone

✔ Elderly or disabled residents in a nursing home

✔ Patients in hospitals including the elderly, disabled, or injured

✔ Anyone struggling to use the bathroom and toilet every day

✔ People who want more independence and support for using the bathroom alone

grab rail in bathroom

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Types of Bathroom & Toilet Aids

There are a wide variety of bathroom & toilet aids available for every type of condition and need. Regardless of whether you’re in need of bathroom aids for an elderly or disabled loved one, patient, or resident — there is a piece of equipment designed to help with any task you need.

Grab rails

Take some weight off your lower-limbs and support yourself with a securely installed grab rail. These allow your patients, elderly, or disabled use their arms to support themselves as they use the bathroom. This decreases the chance of falling, slipping, and general injury.

Bottom Wipers

Wiping up after finishing using the bathroom is an ability many of us take for granted. For the elderly or disabled it can be painful, difficult or even downright impossible. Bottom wipers acts as an aid to help make the act of wiping easier, thus improving hygiene as well as not irritating the skin. 


Using a toilet can be a difficult task for the elderly or disabled. Commodes provide a comfortable, safe, and clean way for them to use the toilet. You can keep it next to the bed or roll it around where necessary.

Disposable Toilet Mats

When you’re struggling with mobility, it’s easy to miss the toilet bowl and leave behind a mess. Disposable toilet mats are a hygienic and convenient way to combat this problem. 


For the elderly, disabled, and injured, cleaning up after going to the bathroom can be a difficult task. Bidets serve as excellent toilet aid for the elderly and disabled. They are simple and easy to use and can help one clean themselves up with no mess or risk whatsoever.

Raised Toilet Seats or Disabled Toilet Seats

Even simply sitting down on the toilet can be a dangerous task for many elderly and disabled people. Fortunately, raised toilet seats or disabled toilet seats provide an elevated and easier place to sit down in order to go use the toilet. This makes it safer and more comfortable to use.

Benefits of Bathroom & Toilet Aids

✔ Make everyday tasks like using the toilet easy again

✔ Save time for caretakers by allowing patients to use toilets themselves

✔ Ensure the safety of the elderly, injured, or disabled

✔ Improve the cleanliness of toilet usage

✔ Increase the confidence of the elderly, disabled, and injured

Man reading book in wheelchair

Why Choose Us?

At Ozi Care Equipment, our mission is to help you take better care of your loved ones, patients, and residents. This means making it easier to conduct everyday tasks like using the bathroom or toilet.

We help you choose the right bathroom and toilet aids for your specific needs. Whether you have a family member at home that needs extra care, work as a medical professional in a hospital, or run an aged-care centre for the elderly — we have a wide range of shower chairs, over toilet chairs, and commodes that’ll help you save time, increase safety, and enhance the comfort of the people you care for.

Not only do we provide you with the most effective bathroom & toilet aids, but we also commit to providing you with exceptional customer service to make the purchasing process as easy as possible.

You aren’t just merely a customer to us. We see ourselves in your shoes and strive to go above and beyond in order to help make any part of the process of caring for (and loving) an elderly or disabled family member (or patient, or resident) as easy and stress-free as possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Bathroom & Toilet Aids Truly Necessary?

Absolutely. Bathroom & toilet aids help make the life of your elderly or disabled family member, patient or resident infinitely easier and safer on a day to day basis. Plus, they make it easier for the caretaker as well. They are well worth the investment.

How Will I know Which Bathroom & Toilet Aids to Get?

Sit down with your loved one, resident or patient and ask them what they’re currently having trouble with in the bathroom. Ask what they feel is hard, straining or unsafe about using the bathroom each day.

Based on what they say, you’ll then have an in-depth list of what you’ll need to look for in order to make their trips to the bathroom each day that much easier.

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