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  • Designed for families, institutional healthcare facilities, and aged-care centres

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What is Care Equipment?

Care equipment includes devices that assist in the caring or improvement of living conditions for individuals who need extra help due to old age, disability, or injury.

Who Is Care Equipment For?

Care equipment can be useful for families, healthcare facilities, and aged-care centres

If you have people around you that have an illness, condition, or disability — having the right care equipment can make every day life much easier, for both the carer and the person being taken care of.

Also, if you are a doctor or nurse, these can be used to help you better monitor and treat your patients and respond to the needs.

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Some examples of people who need care equipment:


✓ Family seeking to support their loved one

✓ Carers in aged-care centres

✓ Practitioners in hospitals and other healthcare institutions

✓ Medical professionals in any field

Benefits Of Care Equipment

Not having the right equipment can put the lives of others at risk.

If someone has difficulty climbing stairs, without access to an assistant, they risk falling down while climbing them alone. However, care equipment such as a ramp can avoid this life-threatening danger.

These helps you maintain control over conditions and injuries. For instance, shower commodes and adjustable height chairs mean your patients, residents, or loved ones can enjoy risk-free use of the bathroom all on their own.

Having access to the right patient care equipment enhances the quality of life for both the individuals being cared for and the carers.

Devices such as bathroom aids and wheelchairs enable users to be independent and rely less on carers.

This is also the case for hospital equipment. Hospital care equipment improves the quality of service within healthcare institutions, as well as at home or in an aged-care centre. It will enhance the capacity of you and your staff. While ensuring a professional appearance and quality service.

Imagine how much it’ll cost you in hospital fees if something goes wrong. Plus, you might even find yourself facing legal costs as well. 

Invest in the right care equipment and ensure the safety of those around you. This will both save you money in the long run and help preserve the precious lives of everyone around you.

Even if nothing bad happens. having hospital equipment available at home or within your institution for use on-demand will not also save costs in travel and service fees.

By investing in care equipment, you’ll be able to provide a better service to your visitors. This could lead to better review, more referrals, and more lives changed.

The right care equipment results in the satisfaction of your patients on the quality of service you provide. Additionally, it directly leads to an increase in the self-esteem and confidence of your patients, due to their improved ability to function more normally.

Having the right kind of equipment such as bathroom aids or shower aids, in the case of difficulties performing these actions, result in cleaner areas and improved sanitary conditions for the carer.

This can enhance the professionalism of your institution and protect the dignity of your patients.

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Instead of purchasing from multiple companies overseas — purchase from our local Australian business, based in Brisbane. You won’t have to deal with complicated international shipping, distant timezones, and all the other hassles that come with overseas purchases.

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