Care Equipment

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What is Care Equipment?

Care equipment includes devices that assist in the caring or improvement of living conditions for individuals who need extra help due to old age, disability, or injury.

Who Is Care Equipment For?

Care equipment can be useful for families, healthcare facilities, and aged-care centres

If you have people around you that have an illness, condition, or disability — having the right care equipment can make every day life much easier, for both the carer and the person being taken care of.

Also, if you are a doctor or nurse, these can be used to help you better monitor and treat your patients and respond to the needs.

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Some examples of people who need care equipment:


✓ Family seeking to support their loved one

✓ Carers in aged-care centres

✓ Practitioners in hospitals and other healthcare institutions

✓ Medical professionals in any field

Types of equipment

Benefits Of Care Equipment

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We offer a wide variety of care equipment, ranging from: wheelchairs, walkers, bathroom aids, bedroom aids, and more. This means we are a one-stop-shop for all your specialised care needs.

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