The Importance of Daily Living Aids for Independent Living

Posted January 20, 2020

Want to provide the elderly, injured, or disabled with a higher quality of life and allow them to live more independently?

With the right daily living aids, you provide the people you care for with greater happiness. This can be due to the increased comfort, greater independence, and greater sense of security.

As a family member, aged-care centre owner, or medical professional — the wellbeing of your patients is your number one priority. Both as a human and as a business owner.

In order for a patient to live independently, they have to be able to be comfortable. If your patient is constantly uncomfortable, they’ll need more assistance with their daily tasks. Whether this is getting out of bed in the morning, using the bathroom, or just turning on the TV.


Elderly woman crossing street with walker

How daily living aids increase comfort

There are a variety of daily living aids that make everyday tasks more comfortable for patients. For example, there are electric lift chairs that make sitting down more comfortable for the elderly. Instead of requiring a caretaker to help them off their chair, they’re able to use a remote to change the incline of the chair to allow for easy sitting and standing.

In addition to electric lift chairs, there are other daily aids which increase comfort. This includes hospital beds, bedroom aids, bathroom aids, and more.

Each of these examples increase the users comfort when performing everyday tasks. Being able to do these activities without trouble allows for individuals to live more independently and without caretaker assistance.

But in order to have greater independent living, there needs to be more than just comfort. Before comfort, safety is the number one priority.


daily living aids - walking frame

How daily living aids keep you safe

For the elderly, injured, or disbaled, there are often many tasks which become unsafe to do on your own.

This can include using the bathroom, getting into bed, and walking around your home.

However, there are daily living aids which are designed to provide additional support when completing these tasks. Some examples of daily living aids that can provide you with extra safety include:

Grab rails which are connected to walls to allow patients to hold for support. These can be installed on beds to make it easier to get up, bathrooms to help sit down, and bedrooms to help get changed.

Ramps which make it easier for individuals with mobility aids such as scooters, wheelchairs, or walking frames. These allow them to independently go up stairs, get into vehicles, and more.

Mobility aids allow patients to safely get around without danger. This includes wheelchairs, mobility scooters, and walkers. Instead of putting unnecessary strain on your body, you can allow mobility aids to handle the load and help you get around. They support your body and prevent trips, falls, and injuries.

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