Patient Lifting Aids to Save Your Back

Posted January 20, 2020

Do you take care of patients who struggle to get around by themselves?

Whether it’s your grandmother at home, the elderly in an aged care centre, or injured individuals in a hospital — taking care of patients will require you to often move them to different rooms, help them perform activities, or just help them get around.

In cases where their mobility is extremely limited, you may be required to physically move them yourself.

However, moving another person will put tremendous weight on your body and can be potentially dangerous for both the patient and the people doing the moving. For example, when moving patients, your workers could injure their lower backs. This is a work hazard that could lead to potential legal ramifications on your end. Additionally, the patients are also at risk of injury while they are being moved. This can also put you and your organisation at unnecessary legal risk.

The best way to get around this is to invest in patient lifting aids. These make it easier to move people matter how heavy or light they are.

Some examples of patient lifting aids include:


Patient Hoists

A patient hoist is a mechanical device that helps lift individuals and supports a portion of their weight. This allows caretakers to more easily get onto beds, use the bathroom, and more. There are different variations on this piece of equipment. For example, there are options with wheels, electric powered motors, and even ceiling connected systems. With such a wide variety of options, you can choose a fully customised solution that will cater for your patients, builidng, and other needs.


Patient Slings

Patient slings safely hold individuals and prevents them from swinging excessively, bumping into this, and injuring themselves while being transported with a patient lifting aid. These come in a wide variety of options including customised slings designed for children, amputees, and other special conditions.


Portable Ramps

If you have patients who use mobility scooters or wheelchairs, moving them up stairs and into vehicles can be extremely difficult. You’ll have to carry the weight of not only the patient but their mobility equipment as well. However, portable ramps allow the patients to use their equipment to transport themselves. Instead of bearing the weight yourself, the portable ramp will hold it all.


Daily Living Aids

In some situations, providing additional supportive devices such as grab rails will be enough to help you with transporting patients. The presence of grab rails allow for patients to bear some of their weight on their own and thus minimising the effort required by the caretaker. Stronger patients will be able to lift themselves up without additional support. Other daily living aids such as elevated toilet seats, electric lift chairs, and rope ladders can also give patients the ability to lift themselves without requiring a caretakers assistance.

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