Daily Living Aids to Help the Elderly

Posted January 20, 2020

Want to make everyday life easier for the elderly?

Daily living aids are perfect when you’re getting old, or you’re taking care of older family members, or even if you work in an aged-care centre.

They allow you to regain more independence and reduce your reliance on caretakers. For example, bathroom aids allow you to safely use the toilet without the risk of falling and injuring yourself.

While daily living aids are primarily for the elderly, anyone with difficulties with mobility can benefit from these. This is especially the case if you’re both of old age and suffering from disability.

Some examples of daily living aids include:


Mobility Aids

If you’re struggling to get around, mobility aids such as walkers, wheelchairs, and mobility scooters can make daily life much more enjoyable.

For example, instead of requiring a caretaker to help you walk through a park, you can simply use your electric wheelchair to get around and enjoy the scenery for yourself. This is both convenient and safe.

In many cases, these mobility aids are also very portable. If you’re travelling longer distances, manual wheelchairs can be folded for transport. Walkers are light and easy to store. And mobility scooters can even be used on public transport.


Bedroom Aids

As you get older, your lower limbs start to lose strength and it becomes difficult to get in and out of bed every day.

This is especially the case later at night after a tiring day or first thing in the morning after not moving for several hours.

Bedroom aids such as bed rope ladders allow you to use your upper body strength to help yourself sit up and get out of bed. Bed frames can also help keep the weight of blankets off your legs to make it easier for you to move your legs under your sheets.


bathroom aids

Bathroom Aids

Similar to bedroom aids, bathroom aids help take the strain off your lower limbs to allow you to comfortably and safely use the restroom.

This can include elevated toilet seats to minimise the distance to which you have to bend down to, grab rails to provide additional support when sitting, and even commodes to allow for the portable usage of toilets.

All these options allow for safe independent usage of bathrooms. This is especially useful for regaining confidence and keeping yourself away from embarrassing moments.


Specialised Chairs

Chairs such as electric lift chairs make it easier to sit down to watch TV, read a book, or just relax.

Regular chairs require greater core strength and lower body strength to sit on and get up from. Electric lift chairs can electronically change the incline of the chair to allow for a more comfortable recline or an easier time getting up.

These are often controlled using a remote, so they are easy and safe to use.

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