Benefits of Mobility Scooters

Posted January 20, 2020

Need help getting around?

If you or someone you know have difficulties with mobility due to old age, disability, or even injury — mobility scooters are the perfect choice to introduce greater comfort to your everyday life and make it easy to do your day-to-day tasks again.

Whether it’s getting to your local Woolworths, taking a train to visit your niece, or just strolling through the park — mobility scooters make these activities so much easier.

Instead of having a caretaker assist you with your daily activities, with a mobility scooter you can do these all yourself. You can go wherever you want, whenever you want, and stay safe in the process.



Easy to get around

Mobility scooters can help you get anywhere. You can fold load them into vehicles for longer drives, drive them onto buses and trains, and even take them with you on planes to visit overseas.

If you’re able to use your arms to turn the handlebars, you can navigate the scooter. Unlike walkers or manual wheelchairs, you won’t have to exert any energy to move around.

Additionally, trains and buses are able to cater for mobility scooters. They even have specially designated areas for you to safely position your scooter so you don’t risk injury. For example, trains have portable ramps that the train guards will put down for you at the station you board and get off at.

Find yourself travelling a lot?

There are even mobility scooter options which are catered towards the frequent traveller. These have foldable features which allow for the easy transport of vehicles.

However, apart from getting around easily, the most important feature is that…


Mobility scooters keep you safe

While it can be tempting to get around on your own when your caretaker isn’t there with you, it can be extremely dangerous.

If you’re trying to get around without a mobility scooter, you put yourself at risk of injury. This could be from falling, tiring yourself out, or from overexerting your muscles. If this happens, you’ll often find yourself short from your destination and too far from your home.

This will put you in a precarious situation where you’ll have to rely on the help of complete strangers to keep you safe.

However, with a mobility scooter you’ll be able to get around without needing a caretaker with you at all times. You can do this safely as your body will be supported by the scooter. The scooter will replace any physical effort on your end and there will be less risk of you tripping or falling.


Are mobility scooters easy to charge?

One major benefit of mobility scooters is that they are charged using regular power plugs. This means, wherever there is a wall socket, you can charge your mobility scooter.

With such easy charging, you can keep your scooter filled with sufficient battery to keep you going whenever you need. These batteries are specially designed so that you can’t overcharge them and can continually charge them to full without worrying about the battery’s lifespan.

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