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Ensure that your surrounding is properly equipped to deal with any sudden cardiac arrests, heart problems or loss of consciousness experienced by your loved ones.

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At OziCare Equipment, we offer a diverse range of wheelchairs and other medical & care equipment to suit a variety of needs.



Care Beds

OziCare Equipment's exclusive hospital bed range offers superior quality and design.

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seat walkers

Mobility Aids

At OziCare Equipment, we offer a diverse range of wheelchairs to suit a variety of needs.

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Bathroom & Toilets

The bathroom can become a hazardous areas within a client’s home, especially if they are struggling with their balance and or mobility.

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Find medical and care equipment in our online store

Medical & Care Equipment

Servicing All Australia Online

Sydney • Melbourne • Brisbane • Perth • Adelaide • Gold Coast • Newcastle • Canberra

Our online-only focus, without the overhead of a physical store, lets us offer competitive prices Australia-wide.

Help your patients or loved ones get around by purchasing medical & care equipment like a wheelchair. After an accident or old age, it can be a hassle to get around.

Choose from our range of customised wheelchairs designed for both permanent and temporary use.

Hospitals can use wheelchairs to easily transport patients between rooms.

Aged care centres can help move residents around or take them for strolls outside with a wheelchair.

Families can make it easier for their loved ones to move around by purchasing a permanent power wheelchair for everyday usage.

Types of wheelchairs we offer include:

  • Manual wheelchairs
  • Power wheelchairs
  • Cushioned wheelchairs
  • Back support wheelchairs
  • Pressure care wheelchairs
  • And more
Improve the daily lives of patients with disabilities or injuries. Suitable for homes, hospitals, and aged care centres.

Make it easier to use the bathroom, go to bed, and move around the home.

Hospitals can use care equipment to make tasks like taking patients to the bathroom even easier.

Aged care centres can make every day tasks for carers more efficient, so you can keep your workers (and residents) happy.

Families can make it possible for loved ones live their daily lives even without you there to help them (if you’re out for work or fun).

Some of our care equipment include:
  • Wheelchairs & walkers
  • Walking frames
  • Over-toilet chairs
  • Home care equipment
  • Home modifications
  • Bathroom & toilet aids
  • Daily living aids
  • Portable ramps
  • Bedrooms aids
  • Electric lift chairs
  • Hospital beds
These are commonly replaced goods that help you treat your patients or increase their comfort.

Maintain sanitary conditions, keep your patients comfortable, and keep it affordable.

Hospitals can decrease workload by minimising cleaning time and providing patients with incontinence equipment.

Aged Care Centres can improve sanitary conditions for carers by providing them with personal protective equipment.

Families can take care of their loved ones while maintaining health and safety.

Some of our consumable aids include:
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Incontinence equipment

Growing older can lead to difficulties performing even every day functions. This can make it a struggle to walk, go to the bathroom, and get around the building.

Invest in equipment specifically designed for the elderly and decrease the risk of accident.

Hospitals can make it easier for older patients to move around safely.

Aged Care Centres can improve living conditions for all residents by providing them with a range of aged care equipment.

Families can help their loved ones overcome their daily struggles and give them confidence again.

Some of our aged care equipment include:

  • Wheelchairs
  • Home care equipment
  • Bathroom aids
  • Bedroom Aids
Humans are fragile, we can find ourselves with a disability due to unfortunate accidents, health problems, or even from birth.

However, there is equipment available to assist with every day life.

Hospitals can help patients move around when they otherwise wouldn’t be able to.

Aged care centres can improve the comfort of their residents living with disability.

Families can help their loved ones ease back into every day life and make it possible to live again.

Some of our disability care equipment include:
  • Hospital beds
  • Chair beds
  • Walkers & wheelchairs
  • Show chairs
With thousands of patients, having the right equipment is absolutely essential in minimising costs, managing your reputation, and providing your patients with the best service possible.

Hospitals can increase the efficiency and safety of staff by providing them with the right equipment.

Aged care centres can give their residents the benefits of hospital equipment in the comfort of their nursing home.

Families can give their loved ones the benefits of hospital equipment without needing to leave their home.

Some of our hospital care equipment include:
  • Hospital beds
  • Patient hygiene
  • Patient chairs
  • Wheelchairs & walkers

Welcome To OziCare Equipment

Looking for medical or rehabilitation equipment?

At Ozi Care Equipment, we provide hospitals, aged care centres, and families with specialised care equipment. Whether you’re looking for a wheelchair, bathroom aid, or portable ramp — we have a wide selection of products to suit your needs.

Want only the best equipment?

You have a business to run, family members you want to take care of, and lives you want to change. We understand how important quality is to you. That’s why we only stock leading brands, including Aidapt, Permobil, Aquatec, Select, Varilite, and more.

In fact, you’ll see the very same equipment in hospitals, physiotherapy rooms, and aged care centres around the world.

Ready to help others live a more fulfilling life? Make every day life easier by investing in the right disability equipment, hospital equipment, and specialised care equipment.

Specialised Medical & Care Equipment For Patients, People With Disabilities, & The Elderly


Medical & Care Equipment For families, hospitals, aged care centres, and medical professionals


Medical & Care Equipment Local business based in Australia


Industry leading brands including Aidapt, Permobil, Aquatec, Bock, Varilite, and more for Medical & Care Equipment

Specialised Medical & Care Equipment

The tools you need to help others live a better life.

Benefits Of Having The Right Medical & Care Equipment

Increase Worker Efficiency

Comfortable living for patients

Save money and time by using effective equipment

Improve health and safety

Sanitary conditions for patients and carers

Feel more fulfilled by helping others

Aid the function of disabled patients

Make caring for patients easier

Boost employee morale

Be professional and credible

Better ability to help others

Charge more for your services

Medical & Care Equipment Brands We Offer


Offers a range of healthcare equipment for professional and personal usage in homes. This includes bathroom aids, bedroom aids, and more.

Aidacare Healthcare Equipment
Offers products including seating specialised for patient showers. Suitable for elderly or disabled patients.

Offers a range of healthcare equipment for professional and personal usage in homes. This includes bathroom aids, bedroom aids, and more.

Specialises in permanent wheelchairs, including completely custom made electric powered wheelchairs and more affordable manual wheelchairs.
Offers a range of temporary wheelchairs that are designed for usage in hospitals wards and nursing homes. These are lightweight and easy to transport.
Bock Beds
Specialises in chairs and beds for specialised care. This includes foldable beds, reclining chairs, and more.

Offers wheelchairs and additional comfortable cushions to increase patient comfort and are specially made for patients who require extra support.

Specialises in shower aids, including shower trolleys, stand up aids, and seated options that allow for easy patient showers.

Umano Medical
Specialises in temporary beds for hospitals. They offer solutions for critical care situations, long-term patients, and more.

Umano Medical
Specialises in toilet aids that make it easier for patients to use the bathroom. These toilets include specialised arm extensions that allow for increased support and stability for patients.

Looking for another brand? This is just a small selection of the brands we offer. Contact us today for more information.

Do you want to work with a local Australian business that understands your mission and is passionate about helping you create the change you desire?

Whether you’re taking care of a loved one, work as a medical professional, or even if you run an aged care centre or hospital — we understand that your mission is to help people live a better life. This means enjoying their days, living comfortably, and receiving the support they need.

To help you accomplish this, we provide you with high-quality disability equipment, patient care equipment, and other specialised care equipment. Our products are manufactured by industry-leading brands. Including Aidapt, Permobil, Aquatec, Select, Varilite, and more.

In addition to providing your patients, loved ones, and staff with the highest-quality equipment, we also make the entire process easier for you.

Our team of professionals at Ozi Care Equipment can help you choose the right equipment for your needs. Instead of unnecessary up-sells and other tactics to take more money from your wallet…

We guide you towards the purchasing decisions that will best serve you and your people.

After you have decided on the essential equipment, the fulfilment centres we partner with will deliver your equipment as soon as possible. Read our FAQ for more delivery information.

Even after your purchase, we’re here to support you. Our customer service representatives will help you with any questions you have. Whether you need help putting something together, need help getting in touch with a manufacturer, or have any warranty concerns — you can easily get in touch with us.

Are you ready to make a difference? Contact us today to order your special care equipment.

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About OziCare Equipment

At Ozi Care Equipment, our mission is to provide families, aged-care centres, hospitals, and medical professionals with the necessary equipment to improve the lives of people with disabilities.

Working with a wide range of customers allows us to offer an extensive selection of products. This means, we become a one-stop-shop for your special care equipment needs.

We give you access to the same wheelchairs, bathroom aids, personal protective equipment, and other supplies that you’ll see in professional environments such as hospitals, physiotherapy clinics, and more.

Although we are based in Brisbane, Australia, we help people all over Australia transform lives. Just because you’re located further away, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have access to the most effective specialised care equipment.

At Ozi Care Equipment, our key principles include:

We Deliver Australia-Wide

Whether you’re located in Brisbane, greater Queensland, or anywhere else in Australia for that matter, we provide you with the industry leading equipment you deserve.

When you order from an overseas supplier, you’re left waiting for your order to clear customs, risk facing unexpected fees, and find yourself continuously worrying about whether or not your order will actually arrive at all.

Ozi Care Equipment is based in Australia and we partner with reliable local fulfilment providers. This way, we are able to offer you the fastest and safest delivery available.

This means you get your specialised care equipment in days instead of months.

Contact Ozi Care Equipment today for assistance with ordering your specialised care equipment.

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OziCare Equipment

Welcome to OziCare Equipment.

Looking for medical or rehabilitation equipment?

At OziCare Equipment, we provide hospitals, aged care centres, and families with specialised care equipment.

Please note we do not offer rentals and do not have a physical showroom or storefront.

View our complete range of products in our online store.

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OziCare Equipment is an online-only store. We do not offer pick-up options or rentals.

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